The Company...

KSK Food Products is a manufacturing and distribution company established in 1990. After over a decade of moderate success, KSK Food Products hit it big in 2003, when they launched the now leading corn snack brand in the country, Boy Bawang garlic flavored cornick. With Boy Bawang’s phenomenal success, this young aggressive company’s future looks brighter and brighter each passing year – potential is practically limitless.

As a company, our main objective is to be able to manufacture and distribute a wide array of high-quality, nutricious, and delicious snacks for the entire family. Our company is committed in maintaining a long-standing reputation of trust and integrity with our customers, suppliers and consumers.

KSK Food Products already started exporting to North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, making Boy Bawang a truly international brand Filipinos everywhere can be proud of.

Our Ingredients for Success...

Premium Raw Materials

We only use top-grade corn and Philippine renowned garlic for our products. The result is visibly better quality-finished product as evidenced by the appetizing aroma, taste and crunchiness unequalled by any other brand in the market.

Modern Equipments

Being a pioneer in the cornicks snack. We take pride in our own engineering capability. Unlike other brands, we have industrialized our production process to ensure consistent high quality and adherence to strict hygienic standards

Uncompromising Quality Standards

Our in-house Research and Development and Quality Assurance work together to ensure that all products, current and forthcoming, conform to the highest quality standards set by the company

KSK Food Products attributes its growth and stability to the gracious guidance of the Lord, and will continue to strive for the success on the solid foundation of high moral ground and faith in the Lord...

We take pride in our People, Products and Processes...

To be globally-recognized food manufacturing company that leads by industrializing the agricultural sector and providing a harmonious and motivating workplace that will attract, develop, and keep the right people.
To delight our consumers worldwide of products with superior quality and value
To inspire our people to work passionately and harmoniously
To equip our people to be globally competitive
To continually improve our business processes
To actively participate in the industrialization of the agricultural sector
To contribute to the growth of society as we grow the company¡¯s business